Our Meetings:

When: Every Wednesday
Where: Skeen Hall Room W138
6:00 p.m.

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Yule is an ancient Germanic holiday. Many of the traditions of Christmas are inspired from this holiday. Celebrated on December 21st, the Winter Solstice, this is the longest night of the year and a time to celebrate the return of the divine king, the rebirth of the Sun God from the Mother Goddess. Practices of the season such as gift giving, tree decorating, the hanging of greenery, kissing under the mistletoe and the burning of a Yule log are all ancient Pagan traditions.


The Pagan Student Union of NMSU (also known as the PSU of NMSU) is a club for students and members of the community of Las Cruces and surrounding areas. We seek to include all branches and aspects of Paganism including Wicca, Hinduism, Shamanism, Buddhism, Celtic, Germanic, Norse, Native American, Egyptian and other Earth, spirit, or nature-centered faiths. No matter what your path may be, we come together to celebrate and share our beliefs. We welcome people of all walks of life, regardless of gender, age, race, religion, or sexual orientation.

Our main goal is to provide a welcoming and friendly place for Pagans and like-minded people to culminate for spiritual support, fellowship, and networking.


Directions to Skeen Hall

Directions to Skeen Hall:

From I-25, take the University Ave exit. Go all the way down University Ave (turn left if exiting from El Paso, turn right if coming from Albuquerque) until you reach Espina. Make a left on Espina. Skeen Hall is a large building on the right. It is directly across the street from Starbucks. To get to the parking lot, go down Espina until you reach the first stop sign. Make a right on College Drive. Go down until you reach Knox Street and make a right. Go down towards University Ave and the parking lot is on the right. You can also reach Knox Street from University Ave as well. Do not worry about parking tickets, as you can park anywhere on campus after 5:00 PM without a permit. 

Pagan Faith of the Season:


Shinto is the indigenous spirituality of Japan and encompasses a wide range of beliefs. Currently, it is still widely practiced in many areas of Japan. There are thousands of shrines for many different deities and spirits (called "kami") in Japan, such as shrines to Inari (spirit of fertility) and Amaterasu (goddess of the sun). Japanese deities are very nature-centered and are represented as spirits of rivers, mountains, and rocks. The religious symbol is the Shinto tori (depicted above), which is a "gateway to the gods," and acts as a spiritual marker that sets sacred space upon entering a shrine. It is the dominant religion in Japan, next to Buddhism. 

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